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I am a Ph.D. candidate in the cybersecurity research group at Delft University of Technology. I received my BSc in computer engineering in Isfahan University of Technology and my MSc in artificial intelligence in Isfahan University. I heve worked in the field of cyber securities for eight years including 4 years of working in a research lab focusing on using machine learning based approaches in cybersecurity.
My main research interest includes application of deep learning in sybersecurity specially in IoT and cyber physical systems security.

What I Published?

To Overfit, Or Not to Overfit: Improving the Performance of Deep Learning-based SCA

By: Azade Rezaeezade, Guilherme Perin, and Stjepan Picek

Usually, overfitting or poor generalization would be mitigated by adding more measurements to the profiling phase to reduce estimation errors. This paper provides a detailed analysis of different deep learning model behaviors and shows that adding more profiling traces as a single solution does not necessarily help improve generalization.

Regularizers to the Rescue: Fighting Overfitting in Deep Learning-based Side-channel Analysis

By: Azade Rezaeezade and Lejla Batina

Regularization techniques are popular solutions to overfitting. At the same time, the works in the side-channel domain show sporadic utilization of regularization techniques. What is more, no systematic study investigates these techniques' effectiveness. In this paper, we aim to investigate the regularization effectiveness by applying four powerful and easy-to-use regularization techniques.

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